Caleb Connolly

Comp sci student, kernel hacker. I’m trying to port Linux to everything on my desk.

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Testing, GitLab CI, and moving towards a more stable postmarketOS.

Getting privately diagnosed with ADHD in the UK

As I procrastinate exam revision, here’s a writeup on my experience getting diagnosed with and medicated for ADHD.

How you can help the Linux Mobile ecosystem

The Linux Mobile ecosystem is really blossoming now as we enter the last quarter of 2022. More and more people are getting involved, and I’m starting to be asked one question in particular a lot more: “I’m just a user, how can I help?”.

My workflow as an embedded Linux developer

I’m rarely one to follow the beaten path when I find something new, and kernel development was no different. It usually takes me weeks or months of pain before I give up my home-grown workflow for something a bit more standard, nonetheless I’ve picked up a few tricks along the way…

Linux 5.14 - The state of mainline on SDM845 devices

Summarising the state of the Linux kernel on SDM845 mobile devices as of Linux 5.14-rc2.

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