Caleb Connolly

Comp sci student, kernel hacker. I’m trying to port Linux to everything on my desk.

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pmbootstrap v3

I’ve been doing a lot of work on pmbootstrap recently, it’s the backbone of postmarketOS, and in my opinion it’s extensive capabilities and ease of use is one of the hallmarks of our success as a community.

This is just a thread about the refactoring and some of the cool new features I’m proud of.

Broken Connections (and USB gadgets)

So I’ve been messing with USB ACM gadgets recently…

What Is Linux Mobile

So, you just heard the term Linux Mobile for the first time, maybe you saw a random post on social media, saw it mentioned at a conference, or maybe something else entirely. Let me explain…

I'm still daily driving postmarketOS

It only takes one person to make a difference.

-DDEBUGging the kernel

You won’t believe this one small trick!

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